Uptime monitoring made super easy πŸ“―.

Every minute we check whether your website works using servers in eight cities across seven countries 🌏. Receive Slack, e-mail and SMS notifications in the same minute when something just isn't working properly.
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Hey PH 🐱! I am incredibly excited to be able to share my latest project with you! Easyping was created for all founders who need an affordable, simple, but above all reliable way to monitor their website status so that they can focus on their work instead of compulsively refreshing their website. Every minute easyping's servers (eight cities across seven countries 🌏) will check whether your websites are running (+ daily SSL validation). In case of something being wrong you'll recieve an instant alert on Slack, SMS and e-mail. Enjoy! ✌️
@norbertjurga Congrats on the launch, looks nice
@onmyway133 Thank you, Khoa!
The site looks really slick! And kudos on the signup process, I was able to create an account and add three websites to monitor in like a minute. Excited to start using it!
@dotspencer Thanks Spencer! πŸ‘Š Super happy to hear that.
I hope you enjoy easyping 1.0! πŸš€ I am incredibly surprised how warmly you received my first side-project ever and I'd love to hear your feedback! Which feature shoud be implemented next? πŸ€”
Server health support (high CPU usage, disk space etc.)
Payload support (methods other than GET, custom headers, API checks)
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@norbertjurga I would suggest looking at integrating with other tools such as StatusPage, PagerDuty, Opsgenie, etc so your service could trigger alerts. AWS and other hosting platform offers such detailed monitoring of their own it might prove hard to differentiate your product. We'll complete our trial and then move off StatusCake if your service holds up, because at the end of the day we simply want external verification that our sites and services are working. Your pricing is perfectly reasonable for what you offer. Good luck and may you succeed.
@simon_h Thanks Simon for your feedback. Good point! In the next update (last week of April - first week of May), I would like to provide new feature and certainly more integrations - at first next alert channels - not every company works on a slack, the option of integration with smaller company messengers seems to be a good option to stand out. After reaching BEP, I will definitely share a public roadmap.
What is the difference from free solutions? Hosting monitoring, google analytics, etc. 😊