Easymove | AI based Moving and Delivery App

Bids based On-demand moving and furniture delivery service

Easymove connects you with professional, reliable , local movers anytime you need it. It's the smartest alternative to traditional movers, renting a truck and doing it yourself- our app connects you with local independent strong easymovers to help with moving, hauling and junk removal.

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Hey @emin_aliev, What was your inspiration in building this product? How does it differ from other similar ones out there?
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Hey @jacqvon Easymove is not only about moving, it is also about happy moments.We wll not let your moving become a nightmare. Why i founder Easymove? I was ripped off my moving companies after wasting time in google searching reliable, local moving company. Most Moving companies give you estimate but final price is the way higher than your expectations. I was discussing it with team and came up with idea to have moving service based on bids. It is awesome when customers can negotiate moving cost and know movers beforehand. Why we called it Easymove? We started developing and stuck how to name it. Suddenly in radio we heard music "Grandtheft & Delaney Jane - Easy Go" - easy come easy go, Easymove! And we decided to name it Easymove! How it is different from competitors? 1) In Easymove customer posts moving task with desired price, and movers contact him offering the best price. 2) Easymovers are vetted, certified by AMSA movers. Our movers are safe, and Safety is our lifestyle. 3) Easy and friendly navigation 4) Easymove can be used also as a mover operation management platform for the Moving Companies. I will be happy to answer all your questions, feel free to ask me. Thank you. Emin Aliyev https://geteasymove.com
@emin_aliev Great app and services, I believe they're really helpful! I am just wondering if Easymove can be used as a platform for logistic companies? Or probably you plan to enter this niche later?
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Thank you @sofia_sembai for such great question. Yes, Easymove can be used as a platform for logistic companies to cut expenses down by using independent drivers. Easymove can be used by logistic companies as a driver management platform to deliver local loads. But right now we are doing local moving and furniture delivery in Chicago, New York, Miami, Austin. Coming soon in Denver and Los Angeles. If you have more questions i would love to answer all of them.
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@emin_aliev Thank you for the answer. Good luck with your app!
@sofia_sembai thank you so much