Uber for large item delivery

Easymove connects you with professional,reliable , local movers anytime you need it.
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Here is my medium post how i came out with idea to create Easymove. https://medium.com/@eminfaliyev/...
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@nuriyya_ruslanovna thank you for you support and helping us to realize this project
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Interesting concept! Curious about a few things: 1. During your market research, did you find that most people would be willing to download an app for rare occasions like moving, furniture delivery etc? Any specific segment that seemed to be more interested than others? 2. How are you going to approach marketing? Who are your target customers and how will you try to reach them? Just downloaded the app and tried to create a move. Noticed a few minor things: 1. In the name field in contact details it is not possible to write space. Also, I have already entered my name and phone number in the profile page. Would be nice with an option to fill it out automatically. 2. I think the design of the "My moves" page could have been more aesthetically pleasing. Have you considered to move the dollar amount slightly in from the edge of the card? What about using shadow and slightly round corners for the cards? All in all, super impressed and hyped about the product. Good luck!
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@kristian_naess thank you for your feedback. We already started our operation and got 1000 customers in last couple months. Most our customers are people who want to move or deliver the furniture and want to have affordable rates and make sure that helpers are trusted. Our customers mostly millennials who live in rental apartments. our marketing strategy is to reach them by running ads in zip codes where a lot rental apartments We have 2 types of customers . it is concumers and business like furniture stores, warehouse. For B2b we are developing a portal where they can create bulk deliveries, track, control on-demand drivers who is helping them with last mile delivery. We alredy start conversation with Floy furnitures, Darkstore, Flexport warehouse and looking to become their partner and help with same day or next day deliveries. Regarding App design you are totally right, we already noticed that and planning to fix them in our next update. Appreciate your for the feedback, it is so valuable for us.
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@emin_aliev Thank you for the information.
@kristian_naess you are very welcome
Hi Everyone, Thank you @kevin for hunting. My name is Emin the founde of Easymove. Everyone know how it is painful and expensive to move large items from point A to point B. Easymove enables consumers and furniture brands to access local truck and get instant moving and delivery help at affordable flat cost. After moving 9 times and expeiencing moving nightmares and i came up with idea to create a platform which will allow people to book instant, safe services at affordable flat cost. Book Easymove for: Apartment & House Moving, Furniture & Appliance delivery, Storage and Warehouse Delivery, LTL or FTL loads. Brands can use Easymove as a workforce platform to manage, request on-demand drivers and get help with Last Mile Delivery. Our trucks as big as you want. We have pickup trucks, box trucks, Semi trucks, cargo van. How it works: 1- In web or mobile app choose pickup & drop off address, date time, describe, tell your budget. 2- Review helpers profile, negotiate the cost and hire him. 3- Once job is done rate and pay your helper. Updates: We added new features like on-demand workforce management, improved tracking. Now you can get any size of truck. Easymove is the only help for any moving and delivery needs. Happy to answer all your questions .
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@muzaffer_kharayev_ Thank you very much.