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Generate a strong and funny password that you can remember

#5 Product of the DayNovember 05, 2019
πŸ€” How to make a strong password that you can remember?
πŸ‘‰ We made a fun password generator, which generates strong passwords, based on your memorable insights. Worth a try!
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hey to all the community πŸ’ Have you ever had trouble with creating a password? A strong password that you can actually remember... - Yes? Me too! So this week we decided to make a fun password generator :) It generates strong passwords, based on your memorable insights. Please, take a look πŸ’›
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@lisadziuba Congrats on the launch. Wondering if you have any plans of making this align with requirements of NIST Special Publication 800-63B ?
@lisadziuba Of course, having longer passwords is better than having shorter ones. However, I'm afraid that "password that you can actually remember" is not the only objective, when it comes to cybersecurity.
@lisadziuba Unfortunately, the proposed scheme may not be immune to 2 out of 6 common password attacks (Dictionary attack, Brute force). Your tool also gives a guessable structure of the output password. There are some solutions though: * Making it faster to generate a password, keeping it one screen * Generating higher entropy passwords with weight-balanced character sets https://password.limejam.com/ * Advocating for the use of password managers (like @dashlane , @lastpass, @roboform, @keepersecurity ) * Using password cards like https://www.passwordcard.org/en
@lisadziuba @devaonbreaches Hi Devanand! That's a great idea! As far as I'm concerned some of our rules have already passed the NIST Special Publication 800-63B requirements, like: - Maximum length increased to 64 characters or more - All printable characters allowed, including spaces - Fewer complexity rules enforced (β€œMust include one uppercase/number/symbol/etc.”) (well, it's probably optional on the website, but possible) Is there something what's missing? Thanks for your comment!
@lisadziuba @vladimir_berezovsky Hi Vladimir, these sure look good. I was thinking more in the lines of how do we prevent re-using previously exposed passwords. You can sure look at my free for all project and related API docs in https://xposedornot.com/ . Shameless self promotion though :D
You can generate your password just in 2 steps! Easy Peasy!! Step 1πŸ‘‰ Answer some questions! We prepared for you 9 (not) serious questions. And based on your questions we'll generate you some fun password. Please, answer at least 3 questions there. Step 2πŸ‘‰ Choose Password Rules Your qwerty password should be very secure. Thanks to Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Bitcoin rules we'll create the most secure password ever (of course, it's a joke). Well done! Enjoy :)
@valia_havryliuk your Machine Learning works really good))
Very useful tool with pretty user interface! So, I decided to update all my passwords) Thanks!
@peteliev thanks for your feedback :) Ha-ha, update your passwords and never forget them!
πŸ‘€ my passwords are worrying hahah Morning_I_Was_#666_But_He_Can’t_Stop_Her_Dieing_Till_When_I_want Yesterday_I_Was_#666_But_She_Can’t_Stop_Him_Dieing_After_When_I_want Those_Who_Write/create/build_Using_React_Accidentally_Modified_Sky_Color_To_#666_At_0
@graeme_fulton Especially the last one! Feels like React is quite a dangerous technology indeed πŸ˜…
Actually, I like your sense of humor..