Easy E-Commerce with Laravel and Stripe

Learn how to build a Stripe & Laravel powered online store.

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Easy E-Commerce with Laravel and Stripe is a book I co-authored with the goal of helping people learn to build their own online store. It covers everything from selling digital downloads, multiple products with a shopping cart, and even single purchases using the Stripe widget. The book is designed around a fictional landscaping company that has hired you to build them an e-commerce store, each chapter is a new phase of the project and it starts from the very basics then builds on the previous. If you have any questions about the book, marketing, or anything let me know. As a Product Hunt special offer. Save 10% by using the following link: http://leanpub.com/easyecommerce...
@ericlbarnes Nice! I'm curious, why would people nowadays choose Laravel+Stripe instead of going with a full service solution like Shopify?
@lukasfittl It really depends on what you are selling. Some things are not suited for a "one size fits most" solution and this book is designed to be a guide to teach you how to build your own if/when that time comes. Two examples come to mind. The first is software sales for an on-premise app that I've been building lately. You can purchase licenses in packs with discounts at each level. Then yearly support renewals that go by the original purchase date, and several other crazy order items. The second example is more around products that do not make enough to justify paying a monthly fee. Maybe having recurring donations for $2 where it's just not financially viable to pay an external service. This book is designed for people familiar with PHP and haven't built an E-Commerce system before but would like too. I hope this answers your questions. If not let me know :)
@ericlbarnes Great, that makes sense - thanks for the thoughtful answer!
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