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Free influencers search & cost estimation for your campaign.

Easy Bloggers is the best place to find influencers for your marketing needs. It's free and it has tons of useful data.
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Hey Product Hunters! Kevin, thanks for hunting us! For the past year, we have been working very hard on Easy Bloggers. Easy Bloggers is a media planning tool for influencer marketing campaigns. The beginning of any influencer marketing campaign is a media plan and this is what Easy Bloggers do best! We will help you find relevant influencers and predict the results of the campaign. !FREE! Here you will find: - audience analytics - all major influencer metrics - collaboration price - contact details - campaign cost forecast - campaign results forecast and much more Our goal is to make influencer marketing accessible to everyone. Peace!
@yauhen_razhko Do you guys also help setup campaigns with influencers?
@yauhen_razhko @salil_sethi Not right now. But it's on our roadmap.
@yauhen_razhko @salil_sethi @sergey_kutsuk The biggest problem is getting deal with influencers. When the product starts to give support about dealing with influencers, it will be valuable.
@yauhen_razhko @salil_sethi @emre_ozgunduz Yes, we know that! And we are unstoppable on the way to this target!
Seems Belarus will really be a new Silicon Valley, another cool app from this country :) Congrats guys, keep on going!
@ianclayman Due to the recent issues creating our own tech park is the only one chance for Belarusians to find themselves in the Silicon Valley 🤪
Great product, well-thought features! The product will obviously enhance the efficiency of advertising.
@ericshield We think so )))
I have been looking for a tool like this for ages. Definitely will use it for planning my campaigns.