Easter Eggs by HoverSignal

Boost engagement & SEO with hidden presents on your website

Add gamification to your website or online store. With our app, you can hide Easter eggs across your website and reward those who found them all with a discount coupon in exchange for their email addresses.
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Jon Hogg
Curtis Rickard
Tracey Lee Lorenson
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  • Jon Hogg
    Jon HoggWannabe wannabe

    Looks slick, and gamification has benefits


    This will not help your SEO

    There's no evidence to suggest that Google looks at pages per visit as a metric of quality, and so this will not help your SEO. Google stated this many times, and even if they did have access to the data and use it, it could easily be a sign that your site is confusing and visitors are clicking round to find information. Use this product for other reasons, but the SEO wins won't happen, sorry.

    Jon Hogg has never used this product.
  • Dev Hisaria
    Dev HisariaI help Saas companies acquire new users

    They are aggregating all the fun Gamification apps that you need to collect emails from your website visitors


    Yet to come across

    1. Makes customers browse more pages for E-commerce/Blogs 2. Reduces bounce rate 3. Increases dwell time on your website 4. Thereby helps with SEO 5. Helps collect Emails It looks like HoverSignal team is adding smart gamification apps to their platform which are fun for the website visitors to use and look pretty fresh conceptually.

    Dev Hisaria has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Love that it’s able to be used outside of ecommerce


    New so need to play - other apps work great so high hopes for this!

    We’ve used the other hoversignal apps and been super impressed by the tech; their team’s speed and responsiveness and the founder Mike 👍🏻 Join the discussion and see their lifetime deal in our LTDF Facebook group.

    Tracey Lee Lorenson has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Great way to increase user engagement.


    Not found yet.

    That's an easy and interactive way to convey the website message without boring people too much.

    Anton Kadyrov has used this product for one day.