Ear Palettes

Color palette inspirations from album covers

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Ear palettes is a collection of color palettes generated from album covers. It was built to contribute to the color selection, which is part of the design process.
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Katherine Smith
Katherine Smith@katherine_smith1
Wow!!! So interesting
Serhad iletir
Serhad iletirMaker@serhat_iletir
Thanks, @chrismessina for hunting us. Ear Palettes is my first launch of the year. I've always been interested in album cover designs. The songs in the albums inspire millions of people, and the album cover designs inspire me. When choosing colors for a design, I find myself wandering through albums. And the Ear Palettes were born. Your life is full of great memories that play music at the back. You can incorporate those moments into the design process. Please tweet me to the albums you want to add. http://bit.ly/album-suggestion or send email serhadiletir@gmail.com Let's show the world what Makers listen. Have a nice day