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This seems pretty awesome. Pretty much what Google Tag Manager and other things like it should be like, in terms of simplicity. It lets you add "apps" (e.g. Google Analytics) etc to your site with one click and they seem to be adding new apps quite regularly.
@_jacksmith That's exactly it! Google Tag Manager or Segment.io but for anything which can be installed on the client. The plan is that it's a platform which allows anyone to add an app (with a bit of moderation right now): https://eager.io/developer/features. From a business perspective the long-term plan is to dramatically lower the cost of customer acquisition for a company like Disqus by making it much easier to acquire customers. Eventually the hope is that it creates a fair playing field, such that any SaaS business can deliver the best service and get the users.
@zackbloom what's the main differences to Segment.io ?
@_jacksmith Segment.io allows you to send data to multiple analytics providers. It's a great service (we use it at Eager actually). Eager takes it a step further and allows you to install anything. SaaS services like Disqus, libraries like InstantClick, or widgets like your most recent Instagram photos.
Reminded me of Cloudflare app store. Which works even simpler with one-click install and no tech skills required. Eager feels like another implementation of bower.io that targets less tech savvy devs. Correct me if I wrong here, I might not get it completely.
@nikitakorotaev It's a bit of a hybrid between the two. The hope is to have the breadth of bower (virtually every frontend project), with the simplicity of something like Cloudflare. Of course, we can't make it quite as easy as Cloudflare does just yet (as they can inject the initial js embed for you), but we hope in time to have integrations with providers like that. We think we make up for it by having universal compatibility, you can use Eager with your Cloudflare site, or with Wordpress, Squarespace, or even the html file you wrote in Notepad and hosted on Github.
@hijonathan @zackbloom materializes before your very eyes!
This is just Brilliant!