Pre-loads pages your website visitors are likely to click on

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InstantClick intelligently preloads links that your visitors are likely to click on.Before visitors click on a link, they hover over that link. InstantClick makes use of that time to preload the page, so that the it’s is already there by the time they click.
This is super clever, although I'm skeptical how much time it will save when most people (I assume) click a link within milliseconds of their mouseover. We're considering doing something similar for products we anticipate users will click on (e.g. products at the top of the board).
@rrhoover You can try it out on your site without installing anything, just click the big CTA on the page.
@rrhoover I had similar feelings before I tried it myself. However, this demo ( really drives home how long it really does take. For small targets like links, it’s often longer than you think. Buttons and larger click targets it can be a little less, but also remember that often only one request is being made for the string contents of the HTML page you would be taken to since most-if-not-all of the CSS and JS resources required for the next page will be the same as those on the current page (and therefore not requested again).
Really like the concept.. To clarify, you preload on hover? I have to imagine users don't hover that long (I know I don't). Wouldn't it make sense to tie into analytics and preload the link(s) most clicked from that page?
@yo Zack from Eager here, we didn't create InstantClick but I do know a bit about it. The 300ms of hovering is surprisingly helpful in making the site faster. When it comes time to transition, it doesn't actually swap out the whole page, just the body, and diffs everything in the head. This also makes the transition a bit faster. Modern browsers like Chrome actually have a prefetch capability that does use historical browsing (and an optional meta header) to fetch the 'next page' you might want to see in advance.
@yo gives you a great demo of how long it really does take.
This is pretty cool. I think I'm gonna have to give this a try. I'm assuming it will work just fine with my CDN right?
@jadlimcaco You can try it on your site without installing anything by clicking the "Try" button in the middle of the linked page. Navigate around a bit to see if there are any issues.
@zackbloom Just did and it seems to work great! :)
the WSJ demo they have didn't work for me and through up loads of error messages...