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Cannot recommend this product enough. @zackbloom & @adamfschwartz have done a great job creating some incredible tech. Between their one click JS install & their JS previewing tool, everyone who works on the web with widgets should be aware of what they have to offer. Disclaimer: I run a company -- Ramen -- that has a plugin on Eager.
Hi PH! After a few years of building open-source projects, we (@zackbloom & @adamfschwartz) ultimately realized that only a small percentage of website owners would ever find a project on the GitHub explore page, much less be able to get it installed. So we set out to build a way to make it as easy to find and install client-side code as it is to install an app onto your phone. Eager exists today to make it easier for non-technical website owners to use the amazing open-source projects and SaaS businesses that are out there. For the last 15 years installing a client-side plugin, like an analytics tool or commenting widget, onto your site has required copy-pasting some mysterious HTML and JavaScript. This is just not an option for most of the non-technical website owners out there. This artificially restricts the market for SaaS businesses, and creates a big quality gap between the websites of small businesses and bloggers and people with more technical resources. On the other side, it's a tough world right now for developers of SaaS tools which integrate with websites. Often users choose the tool that happens to be integrated with their CMS or they happen to have heard of most recently. Ultimately, the team with the most brand recognition or best sales team usually wins the greatest market share. We dream of a world where a talented developer can build a high quality tool and see it explosively grow on the strength of it's reception and reviews. We believe that's a world where a developer can make a living building tools which run on the client, something which is very challenging today. We'd love your support, both by installing Eager onto your websites and by creating new apps for the community to enjoy.
@zackbloom This is freaking awesome. Every SAAS plugin needs to be on here. What's unclear is if you allow paid apps? For example, my app ( http://linktexting.com ) is a paid SAAS app. It creates an sms text to download mobile app form for your landing page in minutes. Our users have to pay for it though.
@datarade @zackbloom Thanks Kumar! We do support paid apps! If you would like to handle the billing, you can create an Eager app for your tool which accepts a customer id as an option, and then craft special urls which drop your users into an Eager preview with the id already entered. That way they can get the Eager installation experience while you manage their account. If you would like us to handle the billing, similar to the Apple App Store, we can help you charge for your app inside Eager. For example, take a look at Ideal Image Slider: https://eager.io/app/ideal-image.... We are very excited about making Eager a powerful way for companies like yours to make money writing code for the notoriously challenging small business market.