Dyson 360 Eye™

The new Dyson robot vacuum cleaner (pre-launch)

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 04, 2014
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Dyson is the Apple of vacuums! My roommates and I just purchased a Dyson... It's magical--no loss of suction.
@thomasmeagher Miele's are a lot better than Dysons. Dysons have great marketing but they aren't actually that good.
@joe_blau Think that's what he was getting at....Apple still doesn't manufacture their own products. Perception is everything. They are a brilliant branding company.
But does it homekit
@michael_mclean I was wondering the same thing :)
We're upvoting pre-launch vacuums now? If I wanted a robotic house cleaner, I'd go back to my ex-wife! [sexist_70s_standup_comic.gif]
That animation though.
I'm all for robovacs but this doesn't really solve any of the pain points I have with vacuuming. It looks well-suited to cover the open areas of my floor (which are the easiest areas for me to vacuum). It looks pretty tall and wouldn't fit under most of my furniture, and I can't tell how well it cleans in corners. I want a robovac as a supplement to my upright that can get in the areas where pet hair gathers.