Dynamic Support

A library to create Android apps with built-in theme engine.

A complete library to build apps for Android 14+ (ICS or above) devices with a built-in theme engine. It is built on top of the latest app compat (AndroidX) library to provide best compatibility.
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Hello everyone! I have developed this library while creating my app Rotation. It is a collection of activities, fragments, widgets, views and various utility functions required to build a standard Android app. It also provides some in-built use cases like an intro screen, drawer activity, about screen, collapsing app bar, bottom navigation, color picker, multiple locales, runtime permissions, etc. which can be used and customised according to the need. Each activity and widget can be themed by using the in-built theme engine with background aware functionality to avoid any visibility issues. Colors can be selected by using the provided material design colors or by selecting a custom color from the in-built picker which supports HEX, HSV and ARGB values. It has unique background aware functionality which can adjust views according to their background to provide best visibility. Due to this, it supports practically unlimited themes without any visibility issues. Please give it a try and help me to make it better. Thanks, Pranav Pandey