Dynamic Land

Where every scrap of paper has the capability of a computer

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After visiting the website, I was quite impressed with what the team is trying to achieve! Frankly speaking, the idea of a pervasive computing is equal part exciting and equal part scary. The project is backed by some really well-known people and organisations. In the festive spirit, "The force is strong with this one!"


A very novel idea of making software feel "hard" by making it using hands!


Cost, scalability & time will be major constraints - it is a 50-year project!

(The con is a frustration for me, but we have to respect their focus on their first space.)

I spent the afternoon at Dynamicland. I've never learned a new language and made something cool, worth building on, in one afternoon, but that's what happened there. So even at this early stage, the platform is very intriguing. I can't stop thinking about it.

Here's my little hack: https://twitter.com/forresto/sta...

Some thoughts from other people:

> A workshop for programmers.... It is also clearly more than that, a project that aims to bring the dynamism of programming to those who cannot not tolerate the environment that programming currently demands.


> What if seeing spaces aren't just tools for an individual to see inside, see across time, and see across possibilities? What if seeing spaces are really supposed to be spaces for facilitating everyone seeing those things? All your colleagues, all your friends, all your stakeholders, all in the same space, able to see all the data and all the tools, gaining a shared understanding? Isn't that what a big room is for? Getting a bunch of people in it?


> If we believe the group’s self-perception, their technologies are, just like hacks, tentative interim solutions for something bigger that might arrive one day. The radical engineers would also be the first to state that the same interim solutions, if stopped in their development and reified too early, are potential sources of hacks in the derogatory sense. The latter is, according to their stories, exactly what happened when, 40 years ago, the prototypes left the labs too soon, and entered the world of Apple, IBM, and Microsoft, producing the accumulation of bad decisions that led to a world where people stare at smartphones.



Bret Victor's 2014 talk, Seeing Spaces, outlining some of the vision:

Big pdf poster outlining the vision: https://twitter.com/twoodwar/sta...

Bootleg of 2017 Dynamicland zine: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kNNakc...


Grand vision to bring bodies, materials, spaces, and face-to-face interaction to dynamic media (computation). No wires or glasses needed.


Focused locally for now, so if you can't make it to Oakland, "wait a couple years."