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Thanks for hunting us, Kevin! First, a little backstory – earlier this year, with the help and feedback of our customers, we came to a realization: Websites were evolving, but for some reason heatmpping technology was not. It took a few busy months filled with sushi, late nights, and N64 breaks, but now I’m proud to introduce our new fully interactive heatmaps, the newest addition to our conversion optimization suite. Here’s how it works: As you browse your website, a heatmap overlays and populates data showing how visitors clicked, moved, and scrolled across your website and elements. You can further segment the data to see how visitors who “signed up” interacted differently than those who “abandoned.” Then jump immediately to Visitor Recordings for even more insights. All of this means you get more insight to understand more about your visitors to help convert more customers. You shouldn’t need a PhD to understand analytics, and our heatmaps are no exception. My team and I would love for you to try it out. We’re giving our Product Hunt friends an exclusive look at Lucky Orange. Click through to get 30 days on us- no credit card required. Then if you decide to start a subscription, we are going to give you an extra 25% off any plan—even our $10 account! Feel free to ask us any questions you may have or provide feedback in the comments below. We look forward to your feedback!
I'm a lucky orange customer. It's a no brainer for the $10/m. I use it primarily for the screen recordings. It's unreal how much insight you get from that.
@breslin thank you for the note and feedback! If you have not seen it yet- you will live how you can now link directly to Recordings from heatmaps. That means any click on any element can be ties back to a specific visitor.. pretty cool right?!
Thanks again and I will send you an email with more instructions.
Fully interactive heatmap that overlays as you browse your website. Now you can see every click, movement, and scroll as it populates in an overlay as you browse your site. Jump to play Recordings to immediately see what happened before and after an element was clicked or segment by behaviors to analyze how different visitors used your site.
I love Lucky Orange. The video playbacks are crazy, how you can watch your customer interact with your site. It's a lot of info to look over though, too much almost. But you can sort by tags, like people who looked at pricing, or people who dropped off during the checkout funnel, and find ideas to improve conversion. I like the daily reports too.
@vacord Thanks for taking the time to leave a great comment. We were excited to release the Email Reports because we thought it was a great was to quickly get "insights" from all that "data." Thanks for sharing!
We too use LuckyOrange and absolutely love it. We use it mainly for the screen recordings and at this price point there's no reason not to do it. The tool provides you with AMAZING insight into what your customers are doing on your site. We use it for everything from testing new features, to understand why customers churn.
@menimor That's really fantastic to hear! we are working on some exciting things with our Form Analytics to make those really pop.. stick around for Q1! Thank you for being a great partner :)