Get your photography skills over the top with DxO ONE! It is basically your iPhone external DSLR camera so you can liberate your creativity! You can get the outdoor shell and enjoy perfect photos everywhere with your pocket DSLR, even underwater! Coming soon for Android!

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I simply need this. Can't wait to buy one. Sadly the pre-orders are for the US only right now so I'll have to wait but hey, we're always waiting in Europe ;)
@syswarren Yeah, incredibly intrigued by it. Kinda bummed about the release date, but I suppose it'll be worth the wait :-) Will be interesting to see how it stacks up against the next rumored iPhone sensor.
This is huge, but the price is also heavy. You can get a DSLR for a similar price with similar dimensions...
@mosrrrr hi, dimension and weight have nothing to do with a dslr. It really fits in your pocket.
Looks very interesting. I love seeing the camera space open up in mobile. Is anyone concerned about the connection to the iPhone? Seems precarious to me. Very cool. I'd love to try one of these out!
Hi @whale, the connection with iPhone is really sturdy, I hope you'll have an occasion to try it!
Eh. price is steep for still limited options
This is indeed a very interesting product. I think what might hold it back is the price point and perhaps the lack of a zoom lens. I own the Fuji x100s and it has a similar fixed lens at a similar focal length and it's great.. still, I think the general public may prefer at least some zoom capability. Having a non-interchangeable battery might be an annoyance but as long as it outlasts your phone, it's probably OK. If you forget to charge it, you'll be out of luck (I have spare batteries for any cameras I own). It's cool that it shoots RAW and specifically DNG for quick importing and editing with Adobe Lightroom (and other solutions) without needing a special camera profile on the computer. The bundled software is likely excellent given it's DxO.