DVD Netflix For Android

Complete your Netflix experience with DVD Netflix

Add DVD and Blu-ray discs to your queue on the go. Review movies and tv shows, share titles with friends, search, and get recommendations.

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Melinda Byerley
Founding Partner, TimeShareCMO
I've been a proud subscriber since 2003-- long before DVD Netflix was a client of my firm(for disclosure's sake) -and to date, I've rented over 800 movies from them. The selection of movies is orders of magnitude larger than Netflix streaming--and I'm a customer there too. I love that standing in the elevator of my building with a red envelope sparks a discussion with my neighbors, and I love being able to watch content in higher quality Blu-ray than I can get on any streaming service. It's a pleasure to have a client who sells a product you truly love. :) The iOS app has been out since January, and it makes adding stuff to the queue super easy on the go; and I figured all you Android folks would want to know when a version was ready for you, too. If you're wondering "are DVD's still a thing?" check out the news article from The Next Web published just this past month, as well as the article from a Millennial on the service. :D