Create your own Private Dropbox at home, in one click.

Create your own Private Cloud at home, in one click.
Just download the app on your devices, plug your USB key to your internet router, and that's it!
Store, sync, backup, share and access your files from anywhere. No server needed.
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Hey Product Hunt! Louis here, CEO of Duple. SUPER excited to announce that our app Duple is available for beta testing! What is Duple? Duple is an app that gives you your own private Dropbox at home in one click. Just download the app, plug your USB key to your router, and that's it, you've got your own private cloud! You use it to store your data, but also to synchronize your files, to share your files, and as a backup tool. It works just like a Drobpox and a full private cloud, so you can of course access your files from anywhere. The service is similar to Dropbox or Google Drive, but with Duple you own your data as it resides on your storage, and not on someone else's data center. There's no complicated installation, and no server required. What makes Duple awesome? -You self host your private cloud: no need to rely on third parties to host your data - you're the one hosting! That way you keep control of your data, and you know where your data is. We never gain access to your data as we do not offer hosting. -Use your own storage: Duple works with any storage (Router, Smart TV, NAS, Raspberry Pi, S3,...). Just choose the storage you want to use to host your cloud. -There's no need for a server! That means no need for powerful and expensive machines. No need for IT expertise. Choose any storage you want. -Files are End-to-End Encrypted. -It is extremely simple to use and quick to install. Anyone can use it, not just the tech-savvy. Just download the app on your devices, choose your storage, and you're good to go! Duple was born out of personal need: We were looking for this kind of product for years without finding it: a cloud solution that keeps us in control of our data, and that can work in one click. We decided to stop waiting and started developing it for ourselves. After talking to people around us about it we realized that a lot were also looking for the same thing and that there was an existing demand for it. That is when we decided to commercialize it. Where are we now? We are at beta stage. We've had so far around 1000+ downloads over the last 1.5 months, and we use the app ourselves internally. The app is currently available on Mac and Linux, and Windows is coming in a few weeks. Most of the functionalities are implemented, we need to add proper sharing features that are coming soon, as well as E2EE, and mobile app. Feel free to try it out and let us know what you think, looking forward to engaging with you all and your feedback! Thanks!