Learn a language in a hip way

If you are interested in language learning – I would like you to try duoreading. It's like reading a book in two languages at the same time.
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also if someone is interested in tech stack: react-native + react-native-web + aws. at first i wanted to use vue for web, but was bored to death writing the same code that i already did for mobile version. then i found react-native-web and adjusted everything for web in 2 days. very smooth experience. but it's in separate repo – too many changes and it's easier to copy-paste new features between repos. aws is ugly as well as their documentation. but you just need to get used to it :) s3, lambdas, domains, database, certificates – all in one box. frontend developers feel very comfortable these days easily writing mobile apps and backend. i love it.
@reepush this is smart! What features do you plan on adding to this?
@amrith thanks. i hope you will get a habit of reading! i have these things in priority: * advanced mode (show the whole text without translation, show two-sided sentences on click) * reminder notifications to help people not to give up on reading * show more info for selected word (info from wordreference, audio recordings by native speakers from forvo) * redesign and usability improvements! something like this for now. i really hope that people will like it and i can work full time on this project. for now i'm going to charge $10 for book upload. not sure about subscription model. anyway i still need to figure out how to accept payments from App Store and Google Play :)
That's a great idea !!
Very cool concept! I look forward to seeing how this grows. Would love to see Chinese and Korean.
@banada chinese and korean sounds very interesting! the thing is that matching original and translated texts requires manual work and if i can "guess" with languages like german or french, not sure that i can easily do the same with chinese and korean. would you like to contribute by making something useful for youself? you can pm me here or write to grisha.pushkov@duoreading.io.