DuoCam πŸ¦‰

Capture both sides of the story with a dual camera app

Capture both sides of the story! Record your next exciting adventure and your true emotions and reactions at the same time. Record front and back cameras simultaneously on your recent iPhone. Post your DuoCam video to all platforms and Instagram Stories.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Who remembers FrontBack? Love this!
I built DuoCam to capture video from both cameras at the same time. Hoot!
@ekurutepe There are some other apps available which do offer the same feature, why did you decide to build something new?
@plaetzchen the functionality just became available with iOS 13. So all similar apps are few weeks old.
@ekurutepe I see, fingers crossed for your approach!
@plaetzchen @ekurutepe Actually made this in 2012 overcoming lots of limitations back then LOL... Really excited to play with yours! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/si...
@plaetzchen @danielhitome yeah this was possible to hack for photos but multi camera video capture is very recent.
Beauty of simplicity. Thanks @ekurutepe
@erayberger1 Thanks Eray! Appreciate all feedback!
Really like to humble approach on monetising it and am curious how well this works. Like the simplicity of usage, no handbook required.
@plaetzchen Thanks Philip. The app is completely free and comes with all features/no limitations. Users can choose to "feed the owl" and purchase a small In-App purchase to remove the watermark on the videos. It is an experiment.
does it consume a lot of my battery power? and thanks for building it!
@adiatlov to be honest I have not done extensive battery testing since I image most of the videos take would be quite short but I can imagine that powering two cameras at the same time, mixing the video streams in real-time and then encoding the final output to a video file can be quite power hungry. I'll do a test and let you know.