DUO by Mobile Pixels

A second screen for your laptop


DUO by Mobile Pixels is a portable laptop monitor that boosts productivity anywhere you go by providing a second screen.

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I don't need a second horizontal display, I need a vertical display for a text editor. Cheap, portable USB-powered DisplayLink displays exist, that are cheaper and more versatile.


Elegant solution for a horizontal second display


No vertical/portrait orientation


A portable monitor which attaches to any PC or Mac through usb. Easy to use and readily accessible to the average consumer. As one of the first few people to test the product since alpha, I can say it is truly innovative. As a current law student, many times, I’ve had to synthesize an article or read cases to determine precedent. With Duo, I can have both the article and my Microsoft application open at any given time. I no longer have to view each separately. This is especially more convenient when on the go. The main purpose of the product, a portable monitor, saves one time and prevents frustration. All I can say is try it before you knock it because you’ll love it if you do.


Sleek, lightweight, portable, and priced towards the average consumer.


Currently only available in one color.

Mech Engineer

Every time when I step out the office, got stuck with my 13" laptop screen. Even my company provided me a carry on screen, but that is just too big and take up too much space when I am at a co-working space. This looks a loot better if it will function like how it demo on the vide. Hope to receive this soon and test it out!


-have more screen space outside the office/work station

-seems won't add too much weight and volume to backpack


-will be even cooler if more than one can be attached

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Would be pretty interested on this, but I'm worried about USB display drivers, sp if binary-only for Linux, because this heavily constrains the distro options.

Was indeed looking for something like this, having found HDMI products from GeChic are heavily overpriced, found one [1] around USD 100 that I gonna try instead

[1] https://www.aliexpress.com/item/...


Very good idea for the carry-on 2nd laptop monitor


No details regarding used chipset for USB display, this is particularly important in Linux, and also relevant re: power usage


This could have been great. I am so disappointed.




Magnets don't hold to laptop when extended. Stand doesn't hold weight. Doesn't power up every time.