French press with a twist

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I ordered mine: 10/10/2014 I expected shipping: December 2014 I'm still receiving updates on the delays and challenges of delivering the product. While the concept is great, I would discourage anyone from ordering this product unless they want to wait 7+ months.
@jasonhitchcock ouch, good to know. Thanks!
@jasonhitchcock That's good to know, Jason, thanks. I'll stick with my Aero Press.
That's a bummer... @jasonhitchcock Feel like 9/10 kickstarters miss their ship dates.
@jasonhitchcock a big thank you for the support and early order! And of course a huge apology for the delay. We are shipping the Kickstarter orders on June 15th and the all post-Kickstarter orders (you) the second week of July. Again, sorry for the delay. We underestimated the complexity, like many other eager Kickstarter creators, of bringing a product like Duo to market.
More ways to absorb caffeine!
A 2 chamber French Press style brewer that separates the grounds from your coffee in different chambers making for a gunk free pour.
Interesting concept. Seems a little large compared to a standard french press, doesn't look like it would fit in my cupboards. Would love to see the bottom chamber be insulated so my coffee could stay warm and pour out only as needed. Always love seeing innovation in the coffee industry though! If you want to keep your french press "gunk free", try the no-press french press technique http://www.chefsteps.com/activit...