Dump the Trump

A card game about lies and deception

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Hi ProductHunters! @chrismessina Thanks a lot for the hunt! I'm Carlo the founder of Cleverclip. We worked on Dump The Trump for the last few months. Really excited to be here! We’re a Swiss startup and take a go at explaining the Trump situation. Last week our Kickstarter went live. Dump The Trump is a card game that takes a spin on explaining how and why The Donald came to power. It's loosely based on the popular party game "Mafia". To win, you will have to bring your A-game, think strategically and pull out your best tricks. Because that is the only way you will be able to distinguish between true and false, real and fake news. I’ll gladly answer any questions!
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Chris Messina
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@carlobadini how will you keep the game up to date with all the personnel leaving or getting dumped from the Trump administration?!
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@chrismessina Great question. Not sure yet how we'll do this. The simple solution would be to sell an updated version of the game every other week ;)
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Edin Vejzovic
UX Designer
Would you stop damn spamming everyone with trump.
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Christopher Leach
Programmer and Student
Cool game and all, but I find it fascinating that people can just make a card game about the President of the United States like this without getting backlash! Imagine this game but "Trump" switched with "Obama" and the media would be all over it. It hasn't even been 100 days yet has it?
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Francis Kim
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🖖 Nice one! Added to: https://www.producthunt.com/@fra...