Create Hassle-Free Dropbox-Powered Websites

Duet.to adds a layer on top of Dropbox technology to serve your files on the web maintaining the simplicity of updating your website by simply saving files in Dropbox.

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Differences from Site44?
Tried looking at the pricing page and it goes back to the home page. I guess you have to sign up in order to find out the pricing?
Founder here. Tried hunting duet.to couple days ago, but it was already in review. Thank you Kevin for the post. Hope I'm not jumping in too late :) While duet.to is considerably similar to couple of products out there, we tried them all and we believe we came up with a robust technology with better pricing structure and more advanced features. With one thing in mind, easy and hassle-free static hosting (mostly for designers). Please feel free to ask me anything, I'll do my best to help.
@fouadakkad $1.99/month is crazy cheap. If I already have a domain, is that the only cost to me? Is there a bandwith limit?
@somewhatjustin Indeed :) but keep in mind it's only static hosting, and it's subject to our AUP (http://duet.to/aup).
Similar products: 1. KISSr (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) offers custom domains and unlimited bandwidth, storage and sites. (KISSr is free for 1 prototype site). KISSr costs $5 per month for unlimited everything otherwise. 2. Pancake (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) (costs $5 a month) offers git integration - Trigger builds when you git push to Pancake. Automatically builds projects based on jekyll, sphinx, wintersmith, etc. All sites get a .pancakeapps.com subdomain and are secured with SSL. Custom domains can be used too.