Duet Pro 2.0

Pro desktop drawing on your iPad

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Geoff Broughton
  • Pros: 

    I like Duet not Duet Pro


    Subscription based display app was bad idea

    I used their normal duet display app and i like it but comes to Subscription based display app was bad idea. buying app one time better than this because if i want very professional drawing tablet i go and buy wacom

    Armin has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Pro version is perfect for digital artist.

    Tech support is friendly

    A way cheaper yet same effective solution to Wacom Cintiq products.


    Sometimes it causes conflicts to when upgrade to newer graphic card drivers. But as long as you report to the team, they will fix it asap.

    Have been using Duet Pro for nearly a year, I am happy with what this app brings to me. When I code, it can be my secondary screen. When I draw arts, it becomes a very powerful tablet. Although you have to pay extra for Pro subscription. But I don't think $30 bucks per year is too much. Especially when it makes your work easier.

    ::RYAN:: has used this product for one year.
  • Geoff Broughton
    Geoff BroughtonNuisance Mac & photography geek!

    No brainer at £20 per annum


    Not quite as sleek as Astropad but that costs £80 pa! Only for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil users but who would have anything else. No WiFi :-(

    Give Duet Pro a run first at least - and don't let some unfamiliarity get in the way. It really does work well and constantly being improved.

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