DUBS Acoustic Filters

Advanced tech earplugs designed for optimal listening.

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@fritzanity hooked me up with a pair for Outside Lands and they worked incredibly well. Beautifully designed as well.
@abramdawson thanks for the share. I'm a big EDM guy and find myself blasting music time to time. just ordered a pair, excited to check them out.
@adamceresko Hope you enjoy them! The DUBS really sing in loud EDM environments. My cofounder and my first experience of the prototype was Fatboy Slim in the Sahara Tent at Coachella - that was the moment that we knew we had the right 'tuning' as we were able to fully enjoy the music (and dance like a-holes) without having our ears ring afterwards...
@fritzanity yes! I ordered a pair for my buddy and I, clearly excited for them to arrive. First venue will probably be Above & Beyond at MSG in a few weeks :)
Hi guys - I'm the Chairman of the company behind the DUBS. Let me know if you have any questions. There is a lot of tech in these little guys... Excited for the early response / thanks for the votes!
@fritzanity I'd love to hear a bit more about the tech inside these. Can you explain how these work?
@abramdawson Yes. The DUBS use patent-pending mechanical filters to dynamically attenuate (or mix) audio waves to the optimal dB balance, by frequency range (i.e., lows and highs are attenuated differently). In essence, though the DUBS are passive (and hence only $25), they 'live mix' sound to the Fletcher Munson curve and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fle... Each DUB has 17 individual components in them to achieve this, yet still fits in a form factor that doesn't stick out of your ears (I always hated the Frankenstein effect of other earplugs).
@fritzanity They sound pretty sweet. Too bad they are shipping just a little late for TomorrowWorld this weekend. Any way to get my hands on a pair (in the Bay Area) before Thursday?
@kjemperud Thomas - if you processed an order online send me the number and I will see if I can get them to expedite your unit. Thursday might be tough but we'll see what we can do!
@kjemperud Spoke to the team. Email support@dopplerlabs.com and they will do what they can!
Excited to try these Fritz
My typical plugs for going to concerts are 33NRR... these are only 12? maybe i'm too old? lol
@ChuckReynolds Haha. We explored lots of different attenuations / there is nothing stopping us from adding more suppression but as our product is really designed for loud music environments, the feedback we got from testers was that an average (since it's dynamic it varies by frequency range) of 12 dB attenuation was optimal. This also reduces occlusion so that one can hold a conversation while wearing DUBS (surprisingly, many testers requested this feature). In the future we may release products with higher NRR though...
@ChuckReynolds which plugs do you use? I think mine don't hit 33 so I'd love an upgrade. :-)
I just ordered a pair. I go to a lot of live shows. If you can help me save my hearing then I'm all over this. The music has to sound good - not muffled and it has to be comfortable and stylish. Looks stylish I'll find out about comfort soon enough.
@joshkerr Awesome! The DUBS were designed for loud music environments - so hope you enjoy them!