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Find the music for the moment with Dubolt, a playlist generator for Spotify



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Henk Holveck
Henk HolveckHunter@henkholveck · Supreme leader of Haus of Holveck
Goddamn, this is wonderful. I'm loving the simplistic but still beautiful UI, also like the additional playlist creator when you are feeling a certain mood. Great work man! Well done!
Darrell Hanley
Darrell HanleyMaker@darrellhanley · Product Designer
Hey guys, I made this project because I was having a real hard time trying to find music to play throughout the day and was getting pretty bored of my saved songs. Other playlist generators only give you a narrow selection of options to chose from (fast, slow, dance-y, etc) but Dubolt gives you a greater amount of access to filter settings and labels those settings in a more human-readable manner. It uses the Spotify API, React on the front end, and a Node.js server.