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Dubb is a SAAS company based in Los Angeles. The company provides an innovative end-to-end solution that allows users to host, share and track videos via popular channels such as Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, SMS and more.

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Charu Choudha
Ruben Dua
Frank Sellingsloh
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  • Pros: 

    Fast, cool, innovative.


    Nothing. For me it's over-delivering.

    I've been using it for a while and can't be happier.

    Frank Sellingsloh has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Transparent, innovative and cutting edge platform. Extremely talented group that produces results and transforms results.



    Highly recommend!

    Tice Mays has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Desktop/cam/Desktop + cam and cell videos easily sent to customers to communicate.


    Screenshare+cam on mobile would be amazing!

    I had been a long time user of Bombbomb but Dubb is even easier to use and with more features.

    Paul Wolfert has used this product for one month.