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Hey PH Community! Define The Relationship (DTR) is a new podcast brought to you by Tinder and Gimlet Creative, and hosted by Jane Marie (This American Life, Jezebel, Cosmopolitan). This premiere episode explores “Hey” as an opening line—does it work? Why is it so common? And how do we even respond? Interested in learning more? Gimlet Creative's Nazanin is doing a Product Hunt Q&A TODAY at 2PM-3PM. Be sure to check it out.
@kymiller12 This is an episode I'm genuinely interested in... because I have no idea what I'd say as 'an opener' I have said 'hey' for sure and I know I wouldn't say it in real life, as it were. And Im one of those who thinks its the most reasonable way to start a convo. Maybe I don't think of much else because I also wouldn't just walk up to someone in a bar and start talking. The dating world is so damn confusing!
@bentossell That's what we're here for.
Hey 👋
Q. How does this whole 'Hey' argument change if peoples profiles are minimal - think photos and name only.?
@bentossell Hi Ben! People disagree about this. Some think the match itself is the hey and some people think you don't get to hey until you've already swiped right.