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Drzzle is a very intuitive, no code, drag and drop website builder. It's powerful, flexible and requires zero technical knowledge.
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1 Review5.0/5
For help getting started, check out our wiki here -> https://wiki.drzzle.app
Drzzle is a very intuitive... Well Drzzle is not that intuitive to pronounce 😄 Joke aside, it looks great and you provide an easy to read documentation. Let's try it 🎉
Thanks Pierre! Let me know if you have questions.
Hey i'd love to try out your product but it never sends a confirmation code. Its been hours now. Tried a few times. Not in spam or anything
@derin_tolu Hi derin, sorry to hear that I'll check into this asap.
@derin_tolu It looks like the email you signed up with is rejecting our emails. Can you email me at admin@drzzle.com so I can verify things?