Dry Steppers

Keep those crazy kicks crazy clean

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What do dry steppers do ? They keep your shoes clean. What do shoes do ? They keep your feet clean. Do you have anything that keep my dry steppers clean ?
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Reminds me of those plastic coats grandparents put on their furniture :P
@rrhoover By 2025 those are so gonna make a comeback :P
OMG, it'd be far less than trendy to wear these at a party, BUT it would prevent the accidental "beer slosh" from ruining brand new white Yeezy's... @nickabouzeid
@katesegrin For my peace of mind, this might be worth it 🤔
@katesegrin @nickabouzeid nick i literally thought of you when i saw this haha
What goes around, comes around. Before I was born (and that's a long time ago) these were called "galoshes". In more recent times, this modern variation has become pretty commonplace here in China. My kids have them, but totally refuse to wear them because they're deeply uncool. So, it seems if you add a picture of a cool shoe to the side, they'll achieve uber coolness, and allow you to inflate the price 20 fold. Good luck with that. I'm with my kids. ;-)
This is hilarious. Its such a simple idea. I'm having one of those "Why didn't I think of that" moments. When I did Warrior Dash I just threw my shoes away because they were covered in mud. If Dry Steppers was available I still wouldn't use it because it would ruin my time. But hey ...🤷‍♂️ Now I have options Dope 🚬🚬