Donate to charities for free by taking your medication

We help our users set medicine reminders. Every time a patient takes their prescribed medication or writes reviews, they earn “DrugStars”. These stars can be donated to any of our partner charities, and we’ll convert these stars into cash for the charities.
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Just curious, how does this works in terms of money? If you donate everytime a user takes a pill, you'll go bankrupt in no time? What's going on behind the scenes?
@al_of_winter Hi Al, We cover our donations through private foundations and commercial partners. These companies are very interested in understanding user's medicinal experience and we provide them with anonymized and aggregated data. Having said that, we are very committed to data protection and data privacy of our users.
Hi 👋 hunters! Let us know about any questions, comments or suggestions you might have! To get in touch use the info@drugstars.com email address :)