Drug Wars for Messenger

Your favorite DOS / TI-83 game now playable in Messenger

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Our senior designer at Dexter @realmichaelrado loved the original and thought it was the perfect game to take to Messenger. This version of Drug Wars has everything you loved about the original, right down to the market getting flooded with cheap homemade acid. Hope everyone here has some fun with it!
@bilko hey how are you generating images for the notepad of inventory?
@michaelrado meant to ask you that ^
@prappolt I'm using an API for PhantomJS—you can check it out here: https://phantomjscloud.com. Let me know if you have any other questions!
Thanks for hunting, @bilko! What began as a side hustle has evolved into a full-blown operation. Originally conceived as a project to get to know @rundexter and it’s capabilities, the project became a sort of addiction—pun, I guess, is intended. Drug Wars is a cult-classic—a subversive high-school chemistry class game, teasing the imagination more than anything else, and simultaneously teaching basic economics. Riding on the coattails of chatbot technology, I’m hoping for a mainstream resurgence of the text-based games that were popularized by DOS and IRC chat. There are possibilities for multi-player text-based gaming (MMORPGs, MMOGs or MUDs, and all the other acronyms) and adventure text-based games (read: Oregon Trail) are endless. Thanks @producthunt!
Smoking hot 🚬
oh that's so cool. Make it a multiple player haha !