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I'm not a regular Dribbble user but I bet @jonnotie and a billion of my designer friends will diggg this.
Instantly made me think of this http://blog.intercom.io/the-drib... — a cool idea, but can't help but think it just drives this thinking.
@itsleesimpson yes this is clearly something that we keep in mind. But nowadays Dribbble is one of the best way to communicate about design. It help dozen of people find inspiration and get feedbacks from a great community. We wish to help the good side of the force :)
I'd love to use this, but I need an invite to dribbble first.. ;) http://draft.im/ryan-dury/
Hey I'm the co-creator with @calyhre :) Tell us what you think about Drubbbler \o/
@lucchaissac @calyhre What an awesome tool! Is there any way to attach files?
@xzarexhc @calyhre not yet but this is part of our next release to-do's. Thanks for your support :)
Really neat service, but it failed on the first shot: https://cloudup.com/ckNpLmvF5xh
@clarklab Hi Clark, thank you for your feedback. We've ran into some issues on our first day, but everything is working fine now. More info about that crazy day: http://drubbbler.tumblr.com/post... See you soon on Drubbbler :)