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First, thank you to the PH team <3 Since our first featuring, we’ve seen a lot of support from the Dribbble community. Today we're really excited to start releasing everything we've been working on for the last couple of months. Step 1: New features for Drubbbler Pro players → attachments, team & player signatures, rebound, social link - and a better UX ;) And this is just the beginning... Here's a hint of what you can expect to see in the coming weeks! Step 2: Team Huddle → A completely new way of managing your team shots Step 3: Insights → A better way to predict when and what to shot Drop a comment and let us know what you think!
@lucchaissac how has the journey been from the launch a year ago to here? What have been the biggest feature requests and how did you prioritize what to build for this release?
@bentossell It's started as a really small side project and now it's a daily project, and the best thing in all that is the love that we receive from the Dribbble players :) We're really thankful to the ProductHunt and Dribbble community. The biggest feature requests were basically to have Pro features, such as Attachments and Team shots. We also received many great suggestions, the best one being to make it possible to set a signature for teams and players accounts. Props to @clarklab for the suggestion. We've decided to release all the Pro features (available in the API) as part of our Drubbbler Pro package. As you can see on our pricing page we're really proud to be helping some of the most talented Dribbble teams and players to manage their shots. (Lyft, Paypal, InVision, Allison House, UENO., Davey Heuser...).
@lucchaissac Huge thanks guys ;) this is really helpful
Been wanting this exact thing since becoming a player!
am I understanding correctly, that this is 'Buffer for Dribbble' ?
Very nice tool,I've been using the simple version for a long time now,very easy to use!
@tnsrig thank you for the kind words :)
Wish that you could add attachments to your posts.
@sethlouey you can already add attachments with a Pro account :)
@lucchaissac ok dude. Signed up for pro to see what this is all about. Not sure how Pro will get my shots noticed more.
@sethlouey thank you for try it :) As you may know attachments, team shots or rebound improves the number of click and somehow likes and followers. Which also means a stronger presence on the popular page, and if you choose carefully your post time, it can be even better! Feel free to drop me an email if you need more personal advices :)