Drophook Fishing App

Instagram for Fishing - Log, Share, and Compete

Drophook Fishing App is like Instagram for Fishing. Influencer marketing allows users to make educated impulse buys in the social feed with a few taps. Compete in weekly tournaments, connect with fellow anglers, meet new fishing friends, or find fishing guides and products. Currently raising a seed round to build out monetization.

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Thank you so much for the hunt @_jacksmith! We've just launched at iCast 2016 and have had a lot of great feedback from our users. On our way now to Turks and Caicos to do some filming for a fishing show on the Outdoor Channel showing the features we've built into this app. Initially the feel of the app is Instagram for fishing, but we've created a platform that uses the photos geolocation to easily log catch data, such as tides, moon phase, sea surface temps, etc. All of this information is private for the user for them to build an almanac. Also you can log your lures and 'tag' them onto the catches that you share to show others. We have a simple function for tournaments and leaderboards at the moment that allows people to compete with friends close or with others around the world. We started our social media campaign quite early, which has helped us build up a really great community of anglers who are now family. The great thing is they've been brought together from all over and now have a place where they can share fishing pics where people don't mind it filling up their feed, plus they will have access to back end analytics from logging catches (coming soon!) We try to promote a conscious angler and really want to encourage the next generation to get out fishing, take the photo, release the fish (unless they're going to eat it) and later on they can log the catch. It's 100% free, we have some great ideas from our users feedback that we are implementing. There's so much potential here we can follow we are very excited. I've been waiting to share this with the PH community for a LONG time! Would love to hear everyone's feedback! Thank you!
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Thanks a million @_jacksmith for your time and the hunt. drophook has been developed primarily as a platform form anglers to connect and share. Share smiles, share knowledge and share their experiences. Secondly to that we have an array of state of the art features to make sure the anglers have minimal manual input giving him or her more time to focus on the fishing and relationships with the people around them them. We have so much more to come and are working constantly to improve on the foundation we have set in place. Please send us your valuable feedback so we can continue to make sure we are coming out with strong updates and new features. All feed back and questions can be sent to info@drophook.com. Thank you kindly for your time!
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I have spent a lot of time on the drophook app. I love logging in and seeing what people have caught without having to scroll through tons of "non fishing" posts. I love and use the tackle box to keep track of my equipment. Hubby and I road trip alot and love being able to find fishing spots wherever we end up! The tournament feature is awesome to create fun tournaments with people you know. The drophook app has created a community and family of people world wide who all have the same interests and that is an awesome thing. On to the people who created and run the app - the customer service is top notch. I have asked questions and needed their help on a few occasions. Their response was immediate, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. At no time did i ever feel like a "bother". I am fortunate to now call these people my friends due to their incredible personalities and general caring about every person who uses their app. I have also had the pleasure of ordering "dropook swag" on multiple occasions....shirts decals etc and sport them all very proudly. Their "swag" is as top notch as their app! I have installed many different apps of all genres on my phone...I can honestly say drophook is the ONLY one i haven't gotten bored of and deleted....and i never will. Get yourself the drophook app...if you are a lover of fishing..you will love this app as much as the sport itself.
@fishingwifey Thank you so much Kells! We need to do some catching sometime together. :)
@randibarry Yes ma'am we sure do...need to show our guys how to catch like a girl!!! i still say we need to get Daryn in an ice fishing hut when you guys hit Canada this winter!!! there would be some awesome pics to add to the app...and...a girls against guys tournament to go with it!
@fishingwifey I really like this idea... We saw some really nice ice fishing rods at iCast!
@randibarry ha! we have plenty....but we will have to get you a float suit to stay warm!!!
@fishingwifey seriously after living in Florida I'm not used to that weather! #spoiled
For a non tech say person like myself. This app has everything and easy to use. Post picts, set tourneys, measure fish, inventory your gear. Tried other fishing apps and will not use anything except this app! Once you've tried it you will agree this app ROCKS👍.Plus the ppl who made it are some of the best on earth.
@jmoredock Thank you so much Jason, we love the support you and Kelly show us and appreciate it more than you know!
@randibarry typoneese is strong this morning. But you and Daryn are use to it by now. Love the app. Thank you for it
I can not express how much I love this app! I love seeing peoples photos of their catches and I have met so many new anglers all over the world within the app. I feel that everyone who is on drophook is like a brother or sister. We all have the same interest and that interest is being on the water and enjoy what we love doing, fishing! I have amazing fan of followers on twitter and it's great to see that I am seeing a lot of them joining drophook. Once you've joined drophook, you're not just a user but you become part of the drophook family. Thank you for coming up with amazing app! I enjoy using it and definitely, its not just an app that I use, its a lifestyle!
@phan_adventures thank you Ray!! We love having you in the fam.