Daily drops on Instagram for $1

Every day we give away prizes like Yeezys, Apple AirPods, Coachella tickets, drones, and free flights on our Instagram

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0 trustability :S
@deorocks can I ask why you feel this way?
@15greenberg Maybe if i see photos of the products, people with them ... i do not know but i just tell my feelings
Hey Product Hunters!! Everyday we will be dropping a dope item on Instagram. It could be AirPods, Super Bowl tickets, free trips, gaming systems, Yeezys, and so much more. If you like it, you enter for $1, and each day there is a new winner. Our first drop is today, and we are starting out big giving away an Oculus!!! I will be here all day to answer questions.
hmmm nice scam...love it.
@_selcukahmet Heyy! This product ha not a scam, but I’d be happy to hear why you think that.
@_selcukahmet @15greenberg why I didn't got any email from you guys after I optin?
@_selcukahmet @adigold1 we are against spam mail so unless you win we will never email you. When entering there is a green check circle that appears and that means you have entered
@15greenberg I think this is not a "product" This is what I am thinking if u want

probably a scam if there are not publishing anything about them...


Nice website for a scam..


probably a scam..