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Ian Mendiola
@ianmendiola · Dropbox
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Niv Dror
@nivo0o0 · Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Interesting description from the Wired article, "Paper feels like a cross between Google Docs and Medium."
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Oooo, new from Dropbox! About 6 months ago, this project, formerly called Composer, was leaked on Product Hunt. There isn't a lot of information available for this yet but looks like an Evernote competitor. UPDATE: Wired's @pierce just published more details about Paper.
Elisa Jo Harkness
@eliservescent · Innovation Consultant at FABERNOVEL
I've been using Hackpad for about a year; I remain bummed that they got acquired by DropBox, because I now work for a company that uses Box, which means the use-case for Paper is for me far more limited than if it had remained a standalone product. That said, Hackpad is no longer supported, and lately it's become too slow and buggy to be very useful anymore.… See more
Sven Lenaerts
@svenlen · Freelance UI/UX Designer
Curious! What opportunity does Dropbox see in a space which (subjectively speaking here) has already quite some companies trying to tackle this issue? Google Docs, Evernote, Apple, ... :)
James Young
@jydesign · CD @ Theresa Neil Strategy + Design
OK, first off I'm an early adopter and (still a) huge fan of Dropbox. However, my knee-jerk reaction to this was not positive. I've been noticing some articles that are 'down' on Dropbox (http://buff.ly/1Lcvg6h). But I hadn't given such link-bait that much credence. However, I have some real pain points on Mac with the core Dropbox syncing and file hosting/… See more