Drop: Exchange Contacts

Seamless, cross-platform exchange. NOT another 'bizcard app'

Drop: Exchange Contacts is NOT "another business card app." Drop is a communication tool that facilitates the seamless exchange of contacts quickly and effectively, on par with the traditional paper business card user experience. This is achieved through a proprietary crossplatform device pairing technology and enhanced OCR.


  • Andrey UdovitskiyTech product and services marketing

    I can make several business cards for different occasions, they can be branded. Exchange is easy with just a button tap. Slick design!


    I didn't find a better alternative with such easy way to share my contacts

    Used it on Android predominantly. Don't see a need to order myself a pack of personal bizcards for events. Will save me 100$ at least.

    Andrey Udovitskiy has used this product for one week.
  • Vladimir DihovichnyHead of Sales

    Not just a contact manager, DROP lets you exchange contacts with anyone you meet. Free to use)))


    Would be cool if everyone used this instead of paper business cards.

    Its the only realistic alternative to paper business cards. Works great and allowed me to finally stop hoarding paper cards. *DROP mic*

    Vladimir Dihovichny has used this product for one month.


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Nick Neuman@nneuman · Product Manager, Grab
Very cool idea to use the microphone! I had a couple of thoughts while watching the video: - The way I understand it, you are pairing the phones via Resonance, but then sending the actual info over cell data or wifi. Is that correct? - What keeps strangers from connecting to you and sending you something without your permission? - What level of encryption do you use on information being exchanged? Thinking about this particularly for payments. - Is the "fingerprint" unique to each new pairing with another person, or does your device have one static fingerprint?
Mike KarloffMaker@mdisc0rd · Resonance Software, COO
@nneuman Hi Nick, thanks for your questions. – the audio fingerprint is matched in a cloud. This requires at least some connection, but Resonance works even if you have Edge. – the user interface of the application allows you to choose who to send your contacts to and who to receive information from. – Resonance SDK only has access to the ID of the device which you use. information is sent through the application that uses Resonance and according to its security measures. For more information see docs.getresonance.net. – the 'fingerprint' is unique to your audio environment and the person you connect with. Every time you initiate Resonance, each device generates short 'fingerprints' based on their ambient noise. We use perceptual hashes which allows us to find devices with a similar audio environment.
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Standing ovation 👏🏻👏🏻 This was one of the most useful and most searched/needed app to sync contacts and share it😊 @mdisc0rd
Mike KarloffMaker@mdisc0rd · Resonance Software, COO
@ayush_chandra Thank you so much for your feedback! We're really glad that we have created something that makes your life that much easier :)
Lyondhur@lyondhur · SM UX/IxD Designer Agile/Scrum Coach
The world needs downloading this. It’s awesome and it will make everybody’s life easy. Great project guys. Great work.
Mike KarloffMaker@mdisc0rd · Resonance Software, COO
@lyondhur Thanks a lot for your feedback! Unlike conventional business card scanners/managers, our focus is making the exchange user experience as native as giving a business card without breaking the networking flow. I hope Drop will help you in your dealings!
Lyondhur@lyondhur · SM UX/IxD Designer Agile/Scrum Coach
@mdisc0rd there’s just nothing better and more practical for Twitter/Instagram and social media contact links in general. I love your product. Keep up the great work Mike.
Lyondhur@lyondhur · SM UX/IxD Designer Agile/Scrum Coach
@mdisc0rd will it be possible to synch cards created? I use a combo of iOS and Android and having to recreate the cards is kind of cumbersome.. no backups either. Cheers.
Mike KarloffMaker@mdisc0rd · Resonance Software, COO
@lyondhur Drop will introduce full backup with crossplatform syncing capabilities in the coming updates. You can use any cloud contact management platform (Google, iCloud etc) to sync your received contacts if you turn on “automatically save contacts” in Drops settings.
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
Definitely another 'bizcard app'