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#3 Product of the WeekSeptember 16, 2014
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I'm particularly fond of the first channel featured in their discover section. :) Drop is obviously has some Yo inspiration but this is another example of a notification-driven app. The value and interaction occurs on the lockscreen and it doesn't take an open derive value. This is great because the friction to "use" the app is substantially decreased; however, it has several limitations. How do app creators measure success when they have 0 data on whether users are even seeing these notifications let alone finding value from them? cc @orarbel
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@rrhoover Did you ever try Broadcast by the makers of App.net? It seems to be a really similar idea to this and other products that are popping up now. It was released late 2013, but didn't seem to gain a lot of traction.
@rrhoover You perfectly figured it out ! As for the subscribers feedback we are working on a stats module where creators will be able to track notifications link opening for example.
@rrhoover Sadly, they now spam Twitter with fake accounts hoping to have some "traction". Not pretty.
Love this. That is all.
@itsleesimpson Yeah, it's pretty solid. I remember this product from before, and forgot about it. Shot back up to the top.
Pretty immature to frame what they've built as "Screw Yo," especially given it looks like it was three non-technical folks that outsourced development. Be positive and humble, please.
@joshm We don't outsource our development. It's 100% home made. Come visit us and we will commit & push together fixes on GitHub ;) (We are exactly 4 devs in our team: https://github.com/EthanSbbn/dro...)
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@joshm That was my thought too. Fine to use another product as a reference "Yo for text alerts" but not "Screw Yo". Personal preference maybe.
@joshm i think it's better than launching modestly and having people label it as "oh it's just another yo clone". If people would know they're a clone, might as well push it further to get more attention :)
@joshm I thought it was a catchy title, and playfully riffing on a product's ideology rather than the product itself (hence, "text matters" as the proceeding sentence). Also, absolutely nothing wrong with non-technical folks.
Interesting that Drop opens up the * notifications in safari, while Yo opens them up in the in-app browser.
@thomasmeagher Yes we don't want to retain the user in an app jail. Safari is great for browsing web and Drop is great at delivering notifications!
Let's get this to 100 upvotes so I can get a drop notification!
@riaface I received a Yo * ProductHunted about Drop...awkward?
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