A curated list of the best drones on one filterable page

Finding your first drone is hard work! You jump through lots of different sites, all with a different layout offering a never ending list of options. Dronesifter attempts to solve this, showing only the best drones based on your requirements, all on one page.
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I do not need a drone, but if I did, I would use this site. easy to use, straight to the point.
@tostartafire Good stuff! Thanks for taking a look and sharing your thoughts :)
I was looking for something like this for ages. It will be good also to have a view on DIY-friendly drones (i.e. something programmable/hackable). Maybe feature comparison at a later stage.
Hey all! Just sharing a little 'side project' I worked on with a friend after lots of frustration as a newbie trying to research and find a good starter drone. I found myself creating my own 'manual' shortlist of all the options, with images, specs and links to reviews and thought it might be useful for others too. This soon became dronesifter! Would love to hear if it's useful for others, if there is anything that could be improved or added and of course if there are other drones people would like to see on this list! (We've definitely got lots more to add but wanted to share it so far)
I'm in the market for a drone, so this is good stuff.
Initial impressions are that it could use sorting. Sort by price, ratings etc would be great. Also the price is pretty important, but it's kind of hard to read as it's in between the title and the tags. Would recommend making the price more apparent and easier to scan.
@axel_norvell thanks for the feedback. Sorting makes a lot of sense, especially once we add more drones. And good point about price, we can definitely make that clearer.