Drone Banner by Photojojo

A friendly flag for your flyby buddy ◕‿◕

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One of my favorite ecommerce experiences!
Just a fun new product from your pals at @Photojojo to make one of our favorite photography tools a little less scary. This banner attaches to your drone's landing gear. We minimize impact to flight characteristics by using a lightweight mesh construction and an ultralight stabilizing rod to help keep it level in motion.
Haha, reminds me of April Fools' Crisp Air from last year. Dronecast is similar. Other than the obvious advertising use case, how else do you think this will be used, @superamit?
Thanks, @blendahtom! @rrhoover - We're just hoping to dispel some of the the fear around drones with a bit of friendliness. One of the things people are most nervous about as first-time drone owners is getting reprimanded simply for using it. :)