Leverage Pomodoro to form habits & finish to-do tasks ⏱️


Become Driven by leveraging Pomodoro to form healthy habits and crush To-do lists! Fill the day circle with awesome tasks. Collect streaks to unlock new features!

• Manage your habits & to-dos with a Pomodoro timer

• Fill your day with green tasks

• Use the calendar to see your progress

• Unlock extra features by doing habit streaks!

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3 Reviews5.0/5

Been using this for a day & I absolutely love it. Hope to see some better scheduling for the week maybe in the future. On the circular interface, I'd work on the design a bit more, the green color just looks off compared to the other greens in your app as well as maybe rounding things a bit more.

Keep it up! I'm keeping this on my home screen it's that good. :]


Builds good habits & increases productivity by putting a timer in your face. Makes the pomodoro technique a blast to follow.


Timer is slightly cut off to the right.

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Thanks for the review Jared! I'm aware of the timer issue and trying to fix it right now :) Very valuable feedback, noting it down in my backlog. Glad that you liked it!
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Wish there was an Android version - let me know if you need a tester :)


looks awesome


no android? :(

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