Two ways feedbacks form for developers

Simulate real life trade-off situations while asking for customer feedbacks on features in the product development. Instead of simple "collecting votes" on each feature, DriveMyDev forces the customer to choose against four best alternatives (relative importance testing), ranking the feedbacks in a much more valuable way than the classic methods.

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Hello Hunters! Just shipped my second project on ProductHunt: DriveMyDev. The problem: we all have limited resources (money/time) on product development and we don't really know which feature should be implemented next to meet the needs of our users/customers. Thus we oft end to implement features we think are important but no one really needs or uses. The Solution: based on Relative Importance Testing, DriveMyDev allows you to collect, through a unobtrusive and easy to install widget, trade-off customers feedbacks, thus focus on implementing what really matters for most of your users. I really hope you will like it!
Awesome idea. Will give it a try
@winsche Thank you Adam! I'm just installing the DriveMyDev Widget in the App itself ;-) So whenever you wanna leave any feedback there, it will be much appreciated!
@winsche Hello Adam! Just to let you know I released the v2 of DriveMyDev with a complete redesigned UI and features. Thought maybe you´d like to take a look at it. Best! Maurizio