Tired of setting up junk emails for every website you start?

What if you could receive feedback

Start receiving forms as Telegram messages with three simple clicks.

Click "Get Started Now" start a chat with our bot and receive your feedback form code.

Add this code inside any webpage you want and you are ready to go!

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Overall I'm pretty impressed.


3 clicks to setup!!! Worked as advertised. I use Telegram a lot so this really suits my workflow.


Currently only suitable for a single site, but I hear support for multiple sites is in the works :)

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I was the one who pushed Ferruccio to build this. I think feedback form like this is way better than popular chat widgets that popup interrupting usage of the site. Even though I ask for some customisation features I love the simplicity of dripform.

Will use it soon.

I think it is awesome for indiehackers who don't have time to chat with visitors via chat widgets.


Simple installation, clear purpose


Lack of some simple customisation

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