Drip Email Mastery [Video Series]

20 Q&A videos with drip email hacks feat. Patrick McKenzie

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This series from Drip features 20 videos (most under 5 min) where Patrick McKenzie (@patio11, author of Hacking Lifecycle Emails) answers questions like: • How long does it take to write a successful campaign? • What’s the secret to getting more opt-ins? • What is a healthy open rate for your campaigns? • What makes a good subject line? Each video will take just a few minutes to watch, giving you strategies you can use right away and covering topics like conversion rates, broadcast versus campaign emails and how to select a drip email campaign topic. You can download the series for free on Gumroad for the next 7 days. After that it will only be available for purchase ($79) or rental ($19).
We recorded this video series because at Drip, we get a lot of questions about about how to construct email campaigns that will make people more money. Patrick McKenzie is someone who knows email marketing, so I setup a call, asked him every question we had gathered on the topic, had a professional editor work his magic, and here we are... The result is what you see here. 1 week from today we're going to start selling it for $79, but today we're giving it away for free if you use the "get it" link above.
Thanks @robwalling & @annagjacobsen! I'm loving Drip more and more every day :)
So, so in love with Drip and this extra content they keep releasing just makes it even better. Can't wait to dig into this!
No wonder why I keep recommending Drip to everyone! :) Awesome @robwalling!