Customer communication app for product marketers

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A new marketing product from former HubSpot Product Exec @dcancel, his third after Compete and Performable. Curious how Driftt (invite only right now) differentiates from Intercom.
@dankaplan Hey Dan. Thanks for hunting us. I wrote a quick blog post to attempt to answer your question: http://davidcancel.com/finishing...
Wow looking really cool. Anything @dcancel touches is pure gold.
@clarkvalberg thanks Clark. Trying to live up to the incredible work you've done at InVision. 🙏
We recently started using Driftt here at Cymbal and have been blown away by the level of customer support they've given us and the product itself! Very happy customer.
@nadomars Thanks Mario. Awesome working with @CymbalFM!
Huge fan of @dcancel. Looking forward to check Driftt out.
The website isn't opening up. Is it available in India? do i have the correct website https://www.driftt.com/ ? @dcancel