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Hi all, I'm the CEO of Drift. I'm so excited about this launch! For 20 years, across 5 companies, I have pursued the mission of helping business communicate with their customers. At Drift we have been working on helping every business scale customer communication. That started with the launch of Drift 2.0 and now we’re taking the next step with our knowledge base integrations. Driftbot will automatically provide customers with the answers you’ve already written help docs for. We will be supporting Help Scout, Helpjuice, WordPress, and Zendesk knowledge bases (and adding more quickly). We're excited about the future and would love you to join us on this customer focused journey. 🚀
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@dcancel Congrats on the launch of DriftBot. I think this use case makes a lot of sense. Bots are the future!
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This is a sneak peek into the future of customer support, thanks to the Drift team. Product people, take note of this truly useful innovative feature that combines integrations with others tools and machine learning.
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Interesting idea!
We've been using this for several of our websites and have loved it so far. Fantastic product!
@brenk thanks Brendon! we appreciate it.
Amazing. I've bee using Drift for a while now for https://makelight.com and it's getting a great reaction from customers. I was thinking the other day it would be nice to have an automated way to suggest answers to common queries. And then…
@stef Thank you for being a customer and please keep thinking so we keep...
Always hunting for better ways to communicate with business customers. Went to Drift.com to learn more about B2B and had a great interaction with Bot then sales. Great product David!
@cynthiahoulton Thanks Cynthia!!!