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Sales email that helps customers buy from your business.

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Drift Introduces Sequences: Email That Helps Customers Buy

  • Leo Strupczewski
    Leo StrupczewskiMarketing, TreeRing

    Easy to use, simpler than most offerings, ties directly to onsite chat



    We beta'd Drift Sequences with our Sales Development Team. Love how easy it was to get up and running and the way we get to engage leads when they click through our emails. Great way to shorten the funnel time and increase sales velocity.

    Leo Strupczewski has used this product for one month.
  • Matt Hogan
    Matt HoganDirector, Customer Success @ Datanyze

    Intuitive interface and doesn't require you to make any drastic changes if already a Drift user.



    Drift Sequences allow us to automate the easiest step to forget: the follow-up.

    We’re able to retarget people who abandon account creation and get over 50% back.

    Matt Hogan has used this product for one month.
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guillaume cabane
guillaume cabane@guillaumecabane · VP Growth @Segment
Some people think email is an old channel that no longer works. Oh boy they are wrong. As a Growth marketer in several B2B SaaS companies email was always my #1 demand generation channel. But you’ve got to use it right, and that’s when it becomes hard. At Drift we’ve built the product so you can achieve these results by sending less emails, not more. That means more relevant content to the contact by tying in their profile and actions into the sequence, and stopping it when they respond. Try it out, and let me know what you think!
Dave Gerhardt
Dave GerhardtMakerHiring@davegerhardt · VP of Marketing at Drift
Thanks for hunting this one @hnshah!✌🏽We are so excited to bring this to market — Email that puts the customer experience FIRST (as part of our mission to end spammy Email) and makes it easy for people to buy from your business. And it’s 100% free so please feel free to grab an account and share some feedback with us. dg@drift.com
Mike@mike_seekwell · SeekWell.io
@drift @davegerhardt You gals and guys are on a tear, how far out is a knowledge base product?
David Ryan
David Ryan@davedri · Creator of Corilla.
@hnshah @drift @davegerhardt looking great DG, DC, and all Drifters. I love seeing how you're going from functionality as a product to next-level enablement for user intentions above and beyond getting shit done 🙌
Hiten Shah
Hiten ShahHunterPro@hnshah · Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
The team at Drift has built machine learning and natural language processing to make the smartest sales email automation ever. Check this out: not only does it connect emails to real-time messaging on your website creating a seamless experience for your leads and speeding up the sale cycle, but it's also smart enough to automatically opt recipients out of email based on their replies. Not to mention that it takes into consideration if a recipient has booked a meeting or started on conversation on your website and stop sending emails.
Robert Gillespie
Robert Gillespie@robert_gillespie · Head of Marketing, Swipii
Was fortunate enough to be involved in the beta for this and the results were amazing! The speed and turnaround from Drift Sequences, in terms of turning the emails we sent into live conversations resulting in actual SALES, was brilliant.
Daniel J. Murphy
Daniel J. MurphyMakerHiring@d_j_murphy
@robert_gillespie Robert, that's awesome! Thank you for sharing your feedback.
Tom Wentworth
Tom Wentworth@tom_wentworth
Drift has been talking about reimagining email for the past few months and today it just got real. Email has always been a great way to connect with people, but then automation got in the way, and made it way too easy to send spammy irrelevant emails at scale. Drift is helping bring the humanity back to email while automating the right things. For example, if someone replies to an email with something like "hey, please don't send my any more emails", Drift will automatically unsubscribe the user. So simple, so smart. Drift doing Drift things.
Dave Gerhardt
Dave GerhardtMakerHiring@davegerhardt · VP of Marketing at Drift
@tom_wentworth Thanks Tom! We love you.