Drift Intel

Start Meaningful Conversations On Your Website in Real-Time

What if you could instantly recognize qualified leads and target accounts without forms? Sound too good to be true? Well not anymore.

That's why we built Drift Intel. Powered by Clearbit, capture all the info you need to start having meaningful conversations with potential customers in real-time, without forms.

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  • Hambisa Goso
    Hambisa Goso⚡️Conversational Sales Advisor ⚡️

    Personalized messaging and dynamic segmenting - HUGEEEE


    too early to say

    Love getting notified when my lead comes to the site after I've started my outreach and they are greeted with a welcome note from me!

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The old approach of driving people to your website only to have them fill out forms to talk to someone or consume your content is a thing of the past. I know that when I have questions about a product, I want answers in real-time and specific to me and my business. That's the expectation people have from businesses they engage with. Drift Intel allows for just that - real-time, personalized conversations with actual people. We're now that much closer to saying goodbye to forms!
Today we launched a new integration & partnership with our friends at over at Clearbit. We built Drift Intel to remove the friction from B2B buying and help businesses deliver amazing experiences to their potential customers. Drift Intel gives businesses everything they need to have meaningful conversations in real-time without forms. This is the next step in a world without forms and we’d love your feedback.
It is great if it works. I just tried it and it thought I was Vesper Capital Partners and I got the message: "Hey Vesper Capital Partners! Want to give your sales team X-RAY vision?" Switched off the VPN and it was more accurate.
@saijogeorge we use your IP Address so it would definitely give different results on your VPN. And yes, it’s not 100% perfect but the way our friends at Clearbit have built it ensures that it gets better as it scales.
Love the feedback so far. What else?
Wow that's great for us as a website owner. But i think it's awkward for users. Scenario: john visiting our websites and chat displayed 'hi john, need help?' John: what? How do you know my name? Are you spying on me?
@fauz_io It is not personal information. It is strictly company information. Instead of your example, you might see something like: "Hey there Pied Piper, we help hundreds of companies just like yours to manage your system logs for monitoring and troubleshooting. Chat here if you have questions."